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At ElderServe, we understand that aging and caring for older family members can be challenging or even overwhelming. Our compassionate care managers can help you meet those challenges, identifying resources at ElderServe or in the community that can support you. Common questions include how to give power of attorney, where to find affordable housing, how to find help with medication and utility costs – and much more. Visit Care Management to learn more or call 502.587.8763 and ask to speak with a care manager.

You can find additional help — including hotline numbers — on our Helpful Resources page.

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Whether you seek to volunteer as an individual or a group, we have opportunities to fit your interests and time commitment.

Cash and stock donations are especially welcome. But there are other ways to help. Check out our wishlist and our fund raisers.


Since 1962, ElderServe has been supporting adults 60 and older in Jefferson County, Kentucky. Our programs have four main objectives.

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Overcoming social isolation

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Promoting wellness



Choosing a Doctor for Cognitive Decline and Dementia

Cognitive decline, including dementia is a condition that is not considered a normal part of aging. According to the World Health Organization, over 50 million people worldwide have dementia and there are almost 10 million new cases every year. Different from general memory loss, cognitive decline and dementia are degenerative diseases that will gradually worsen

Tips for Hiring Handymen: Avoiding Scams

Home improvement scams happen year-round. However, this time of year offers new opportunities for scammers including leaf removal, gutter cleaning, and roof repair. Although there are many honest and hardworking contractors working hard for your business, there are several con-artists looking to rip off potential customers, especially older adults. According to the Federal Trade Commission,

Polypharma – What is it?

As we age, we often take more and more medications to manage the symptoms of arising health issues. Polypharma, or taking multiple prescriptions to manage just one health issue, is becoming an epidemic among elderly people. The risks associated with taking multiple medications can seriously affect an elderly person’s health. Polypharmacy can be hard to