Wellness Programs

Active Choices

Active Choices is an individualized, support program for people who want to be more active. It offers the service of a facilitator to help determine a physical activity plan and goals that best fits each person individually. This is for homebound or home-limited seniors, aged 60 and older. The telephone calls will be over a 6-month period and are to assist in incorporating physical activities into their daily lives. The program is offered for free. Please contact Sarah Irvin at 502.736.3847 or by e-mail if you are interested in participating.

Healthy Habits for Adults


Healthy Habits for Adults offers wellness workshops for adults (50+) taught by volunteers (50+).  The program is offered in various locations in Louisville through a partnership between ElderServe and the OASIS Institute, a national education organization dedicated to enriching the lives of adults age 50+ through lifelong learning and service.

Each one-hour class includes a healthy snack, recipe ideas, nutrition lesson, and low impact exercises.  Some examples of classes include: Eating Healthy on  a Budget; Fluids, Staying Hydrated; Shake the Salt Habit, Limiting Salt in your Diet; and Eating the Rainbow, Love your Colorful Fruits and Veggies.

Volunteers in the program benefit in several ways. Research shows that volunteers have lower rates of depression and mortality and greater functional ability than those who do not volunteer. As they promote healthy anthem-foundation-_kynationalhabits for other adults and themselves, they also experience the rewards of meaningful community service.

Those interested in participating in a class, volunteering for the program, or hosting a class should contact Sarah Irvin at 502.736.3847 or by e-mail.

The program is funded by a grant from Anthem Foundation.