GuardiaCare Services

Elder Mediation Services

When seniors face major life transitions and are unable to deal with their challenges because of disagreements between the significant people in their lives, ElderServe can assist with a certified mediator.  Issues may include decisions about where a client should live, the distribution of caregiving responsibilities, safety and health concerns, handling of wills and estates, sale of the family home, and when to pursue guardianship.

Power of Attorney

ElderServe will act as Power of Attorney for those who do not have a suitable family member to act on their behalf.  A person with disabilities or an older adult may want a special or limited power of attorney which allows them to retain some independence.

Financial Management

This program ranges from Representative Payee to a Conservatorship.  Whether an older adult would like someone to manage their resources, or if a referral has been made by an outside source, ElderServe can help.  Referrals are received from the Social Security Administration (SSA), Veteran’s Administration (VA), Adult Protective Services (APS), Jefferson District Court, attorneys, and trust officers.


ElderServe serves as the court-appointed guardian to provide care for adults who are unable to manage their own affairs and may be at risk of neglect, abuse, and/or financial exploitation.  This program includes:

  • Management of financial resources by bonded and insured staff members
  • Arrangement of appropriate, safe, and affordable housing
  • Arrangement of medical, education, social, vocational, and rehabilitation services
  • Planning for final arrangements

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