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Financial Management and Guardianship

In 2016, ElderServe added financial management and guardianship services to help adults who have difficulty managing their personal affairs.

Financial management

Financial management can range from representative payee, where we manage a client’s government benefits for them, to conservatorship, where we manage all of a client’s financial affairs. These arrangements may be requested by clients, or may be the result of referrals from the Social Security Administration, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Adult Protective Services, Jefferson District Court, attorneys or trust officers.


Guardianship is for adults who cannot manage their own affairs and may be at risk of neglect, abuse and/or financial exploitation. As a court-appointed guardian, ElderServe:
• Manages financial resources, using bonded and insured staff members.
• Arranges appropriate, safe and affordable housing.
• Arranges medical, educational, social, vocational and rehabilitative services.
• Makes final arrangements.

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