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Senior Care: There’s an App for That

Senior Care: There's an App for That

From smart phones to smart homes, modern technology has infiltrated every part of our lives. It’s no surprise then that technology has worked its way into senior care, as well.

The internet of things” (IoT) is an interconnection between the internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. The internet of things has the potential to make a massive impact in the healthcare industry, especially senior care. On a larger scope, the internet of things basically connects any device with an on and off switch to the internet and to each other. By creating a network of connected devices that can communicate with each other, it could completely change the way we see the world and deliver support to seniors.

IoT will allow care providers to be proactive. By actively assessing a patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen, and analyzing any other medical data, it can prevent a fall or medication error before it happens. IoT can share information with everyone in a patient’s circle of care in real time. However, data share between devices must be encrypted to protect patient privacy and security.

With this technology, many people wonder if the automation of the system with “dehumanize” the way seniors receive care. However, one CEO argues the opposite. In  “5 ways the Internet of Things Will Humanize Senior Care”, Zanthion’s Philip Regenie says IoT will create a more patient-centered approach that will focus on togetherness, safety, rest, mental and physical health, and activity.

Some of this innovative technology is on display right here in Louisville, at The Thrive Center, 204 E. Market St.

No doubt that technology can have its downsides. But with the increasing number of older adults and the shrinking number of potential caregivers, the IoT might be the key to improving senior care and increasing efficiency.

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