• 215 W. Breckinridge Street
  • 502.587.8673
  • info@elderserveinc.org

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age to participate in programs?
Generally, our clients are 60 and older and our volunteers can be as young as 18.

What area do you serve?
Currently, we serve only Jefferson County, Kentucky.

How do I sign up for your services?
Please call the number listed below with the corresponding program.

Adult Day Health Center: 502.776.3066

Care Management and Financial Management and Guardianship: 502.587.8673

Crime Victim Services: 502.736.3829

Friendly Visitor and Telecare: 502.785.0493

HomeCare: 502.583.8012

Senior Companions: 502.736.3856

Senior Center: 502.778.7418

Wellness: 502.736.3847

How much does it cost?
Most of our programs are free. Our fee-based services are HomeCare, Adult Day Health Center, and Financial Management/Guardianship.

What if I can’t afford your fee-based services?
Depending on the program and your situation, you might be eligible for assistance through Medicaid, VA and KIPDA. Contact one of our care managers at 502.587.8673 to learn more.

Does your HomeCare program provide a respite/sitting service?
Yes. To learn more, visit our HomeCare page or call 502.583.8012.

Do you have any job openings?
Our job openings are posted in the Employment Opportunities section of our website. You’ll find complete job descriptions. Because we work with a vulnerable population, successful applicants must pass a criminal background check and a drug test.

How can I donate or volunteer?
We offer volunteer opportunities through our Senior Center and our Friendly Visitor, Senior Companions, TeleCare and Wellness programs. To learn more and get an application, visit our Volunteer Opportunities page or call Sarah Irvin at 502.736.3847.

You may make a cash donation online or see what items are on our wish list for noncash donations. Other ways to donate are also available. In addition, we have two annual fund raisers: Chocolate Dreams in January and the Champion for the Aging Luncheon in June. Please contact our development director for information about tickets and sponsorships at 502.736.3825.