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TeleCare offers a regular, reliable means to check on the safety of older adults who are isolated, homebound or simply need the reassurance of a regular contact. TeleCare calls are made each weekday by trained volunteers to check on the client’s well-being.

A TeleCare call is brief, sometimes lasting only a minute or so. But what a difference it can make! TeleCare volunteers receive training that helps them recognize when participants are experiencing a situation that needs further attention.

When clients enroll in the TeleCare program, an emergency backup call plan is developed. Designated contacts such as close relatives, friends or neighbors are listed. If a client fails to answer their TeleCare call, ElderServe calls the designated contacts to alert them there may be a cause for concern. If all contact efforts fail, the ElderServe staff notifies the appropriate authorities to alert them to a potential emergency.

The TeleCare program is offered free of charge to any Jefferson County resident who is age 60 or older and needs the reassurance of a regular, reliable safety check.

Security, peace of mind, reassurance – these are what ElderServe’s TeleCare gives to its participants and their loved ones.

For information, contact the TeleCare Coordinator, Chanel Brown, at 502.736.3839 or cbrown@elderserveinc.org.