Staff Directory

To contact a staff member use the phone number listed below.  For email messages, just click on the individual staff member’s email address.

Name/Title E-mail Address Phone Number
Julie Guenthner 502.587.8673
Chief Executive Officer Ext. 2222
Support Services
Marsha McDaniels 502.587.8673
Office Manager Ext. 2230
Older Adult Support and Information Services
Shannon Gadd 502.587.8673
Senior Director of Programs Ext. 2236
Friendly Visitor Program
Megan Carpenter 502.587.8673
Volunteer Services Manager Ext. 2238
Crime Victim Services
Kaycie Sabelhaus 502.587.8673
Victim Advocate Ext. 2253
Chanel Brown 502.587.8673
Programs Assistant Ext. 2239
Social Services
Dianne Feltham, LCSW 502.587.8673
Care Manager Ext. 2223
CATCH Healthy Habits
Senior Companion Program
Peggy Bright 502.587.8673
Director Ext. 2242
Sheila Willoughby 502.587.8673
Administrative Assistant Ext. 2256
Cindy Boone 502.587.8673 Ext. 2249
Ronnie Gilbert 502.583.8012
Operations Manager
Drew Hight 502.583.8012
Marketing Manager
Stephanie Benz 502.583.8012
Client Relations Specialist
Tara Henon 502.583-8012
Client Relations Specialist
Katrina S. Kopatz, CPA 502.587.8673
Director of Finance and Administration Ext. 2254
Delores Thomas 502.587.8673
Payroll/HR Administrator Ext. 2224
Ron Lewis 502.587.8673
Special Projects Staff Ext. 2235
Marquita Robinson 502.587.8673
Finance Office Staff Accountant Ext. 2228
Lisa Cobb 502.736.3825
Development Director
Cristeen Grasch 502.736.3821
Administrative Assistant
ElderClub Adult Day Center
Deborah Phillips 502.736.3805
Senior Center
Carmen Tisdale 502.778.7418
Senior Center Director
Trish Berry 502.778.7418
Senior Center Activities Coordinator
Dorothy Hunter 502.778.7418
Administrative Assistant
Rick Helm 502.778.7418
Building Services Manager

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