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Staff Directory

To contact a staff member use the phone number listed below.  For email messages, just click on the individual staff member’s email address.
Name/Title E-Mail Address Phone Number
Julie Guenthner, Chief Executive Officer jguenthner@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3822
Support Services
Gina Emerson, Office Manager gemerson@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3830
Social Services
Shannon Gadd, Senior Director of Programs sgadd@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3836
Friendly Visitor
Megan Carpenter, Volunteer Service Manager mcarpenter@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3838
CATCH Healthy Habits
Kaycie Sabelhaus, Wellness Coordinator ksablehaus@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3853
Chanel Brown, Executive Assistant cbrown@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3839
Care Management
Dianne Feltham, LCSW, Care Manager dfeltham@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3823
Curtis Ellis, Care Manger cellis@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3827
Lisa Smith, Care Manager lsmith@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3802
Crime Victim Services
Paul Troy, Senior Crime Victim Advocate ptroy@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3829
Linette Hatfield, Crime Victim Advocate lhatfield@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3857
Senior Companion Program
Peggy Bright, Director pbright@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3842
Sheila Willoughby, Administrative Assistant swilloughby@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3856
Cindy Boone, Director cboone@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3849
Ronnie Gilbert, Operations Manager rgilbert@elderserveinc.org 502.583.8012
Drew Hight, Marketing Manager dhight@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3855
Marsha McDaniels, Client Relations Specialist mmcdaniels@elderserveinc.org 502.583.8012
Katrina S. Koptaz, CPA, Director of Finance and Administration tkopatz@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3854
Stacie Marrillia, Payroll/HR Administrator smarrillia@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3824
Megan Krebs, Staff Accountant mkrebs@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3828
Ron Lewis, Special Projects Staff rlewis@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3835
Lisa Cobb, Development Director ltcobb@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3825
Cristeen Grasch, Administrative Assistant cgrasch@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3821
Adult Day 
Livinia Dukes, Director ldukes@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3805
Deborah Phillips, Nurse dphillips@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3806
Senior Center
Mel (Imelda) Pfister, Director mpfister@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3803
Trish Berry, Activities Coordinator tberry@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3832
Dorothy Hunter, Administrative Assistant dhunter@elderserveinc.org 502.778.7418
Rick Helm, Building Services Manager rhelm@elderserveinc.org 502.736.3818