Staff Directory

To contact a staff member directly, use the phone number listed below. For email messages, just click on the individual staff member’s email address. Area code for telephone and fax numbers is (502) unless otherwise noted.


E-mail Address
Phone Number
Julie Guenthner
Chief Executive Officer 587-8673, Ext. 2222

Support Services
Marsha McDaniels
Office Manager 587-8673, Ext. 2230

Information Technology
Sheri Howard
Information Technology Administrator 587-8673, Ext. 2234

Older Adult Support and Information Services
Shannon Gadd
Senior Director 587-8673, Ext. 2236

Friendly Visitor Program
Megan Carpenter,
Volunteer Services Manager 587-8673, Ext. 2267

Crime Victim Services
Kaycie Sabelhaus
Victim Advocate 587-8673, Ext. 2263
Jessica Morgan
Victim Advocate 587-8673, ext. 2229

Anna Wooldridge
Coordinator 587-8673, Ext. 2239

Social Services
Chris Bezy
Senior Social Worker 587-8673, Ext. 2223
Erin Moran-Hickerson
Social Worker 736-3803

CATCH Healthy Habits
Kim Newberry
Coordinator 587-8673, Ext. 2257

Senior Companion Program
Peggy Bright
Director 587-8673, Ext. 2242
Sheila Willoughby
Administrative Assistant 587-8673, Ext. 2256

Cindy Boone
Director 587-8673, Ext. 2249
Ronnie Gilbert
Operations Manager 583-8012
Stephanie Benz

Client Relations Specialist



Lisa Jessie
Controller 587-8673, Ext. 2254
Delores Thomas
Payroll/HR Administrator 587-8673, Ext. 2224
Bonnie Clark
Bookkeeper 587-8673, Ext. 2228
Leigh Ann Likins
Finance Office Staff Accountant 587-8673, Ext. 2244

Lisa Cobb
Development Director 736-3825
Sheila Willoughby
Administrative Assistant 587-8673, Ext. 2256
Nedra Morrell
Communications Coordinator 587-8673, Ext. 2233

ElderClub Adult Day Center
Deborah Phillips
Director 736-3805

Oak and Acorn Senior Center
Carmen Tisdale
Center Director 736-3813
Trish Berry
Center Assistant 736-3832
Phyllis Burns
Administrative Assistant 736-3800

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